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doula /ˈdo͞olə/ noun

An ancient Greek term that translates into “caregiver” or “woman of service”and has been used over the past several decades to describe a woman who provides various non-medical support measures during labor, such as massage, visualization, and meditation. Whether you have decided to have a home birth, birth center birth or hospital birth, a Doula is there to hold space and support the pregnant woman and her unique birth experience.



I feel deeply fulfilled by this work and I believe in the power of sisterhood and community. I am a mom to three. I am one of four. I am honored to be able to become a part of your tribe.


Upcoming workshops


Mother medicine
fall/ winter 2019

An Introduction to the natural healing herbs that are essential for mothers during and after pregnancy.


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Through my study of plants and herbs, I have discovered the incredible support that they can provide during and after pregnancy.


Energy work is a vital tool I use to help bolster energy, work through anxiety and fear and help mother move through pregnancy. It is safe during every stage.

yoni steam

By utilizing this ancient wisdom and practice I help mother move through postpartum restoration and pain.